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Enjoy Extensive, Detailed Cleaning Services in South Shore, MA


When in search of the best home cleaning services, The Maids of South Shore brings you detailed cleaning like you’ve never seen before. You benfit from a unique 22-Step Healthy Touch® Deep Cleaning System, which is designed to provide you thorough, more covered cleaning than you’ve come to expect!  This system benefits you and your family by not only creating a cleaner environment, but also a healthier one too!

The 22-Step Healthy Touch® Deep Cleaning System provides:

  • A systematic approach to cleaning and sanitizing
  • The assurance of not missing or forgetting anything
  • Efficient cleaning results
  • Thorough cleaning results
  • Detailed cleaning—not just general cleaning like others

You can live healthier and happier and enjoy having visitors over without the worries or pressures of finding time to clean. It’s time to take the next step and experience detailed cleaning that derives from environmentally friendly cleaning tools and products. You will relax, knowing that there are not any hazardous chemicals sitting around in your home, yet still ending with a beautiful place that is cleaned in unbelievable detail. In addition, the 22-step system is an added benefit to give you peace of mind and 100% satisfaction.

The 22-Step Healthy Touch® Deep Cleaning System gives you detailed cleaning, including:

  • Kitchen Sink sanitized and cleaned
  • Cleaning the inside of microwave
  • Cabinet doors wiped with a damp cloth
  • Floors cleaned -- BY HAND
  • Dishes placed in the dishwasher
  • Cleaned and dusted wall hanging items
  • All trash emptied
  • Tile grout cleaned
  • And many more detailed cleaning services

Get Your South Shore Home Looking New Again with Cleaning Services that Raise the Bar

Once you have a cleaner and healthier home from the 22-Step Healthy Touch® Deep Cleaning System, you will enjoy giving your family healthier air. In addition, the systematic, detailed results get every crack and crevice, corner, and surface clean and sanitized every single time!

You will have clean spots that other home cleaning services may miss such as refrigerator tops, inside the microwave, spots under beds, cracks between the walls and floors, etc. Mold and mildew will be no more and dirt and grime will disappear. Your floors will be as clean as they can be with hand cleaning and the underside of the toilet seat will not be missed! In fact, you will have clean and sanitized phones, light switches, and doorknobs too!

Enjoy having the healthiest and most thorough cleaning you’ve ever seen, while not lifting a finger or spending a ton of money.

Every team member is prescreened, highly trained, licensed, bonded, and insured.


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